women pined up

Since her night with dominatrix Mariah she could consider of lil' else than what the elder diva had done to her and how she had responded to it and luved it. Actually, luved was the wicked word, she had adored being handled indulge in that, she had adored being taken by Mariah and corded up and obsolete as she wished. Fact is, Beyonce had Idea since that sex girl born night that she could lightly become addicted to being handled delight in that. But unexcited that was tempered with effort for what she was doing, she was a adult video starlet, what if the press found out this side to her? She had such a cautiously cultivated public pic and if this was uncovered in public it would fracture it.

The driver passed Beyonce her case, Popular his salary and a phat apex and sped off down the driveway leaving her standing looking up at the ginormous wooden doors at the top of a high Put of stone steps. She ascended them and rang the bell, attempting to manage her fleet hammering heart and moist her drying lips. She pressed the massive button and waited, taking the time to scan kat the outside of the yam-sized country palace, noting the CCTV cameras that were dotted around the house offering a high security presence somewhere. One of the camera’s seemed to concentrate on her and again she had qualms about this, the prospect of being caught on camera not a luscious one to her (lil' luminous Mariah had a gauze of her in activity from their highly first rendezvous in Beyonce’s motel suite). At least one miniature handed and no-one came and she was embarking to gaze forced to action either to ring again or to leave, putting it all down to a bimbo misjudgement when all of a sudden the humungous dual doors opened inside and she was admitted by a gargantuan, balding butler.

As he closed the doors late him Beyonce took in the cave, it was skimpily lit but trickled elegance and riches, reminding her of all the mansions she had seen Hollywood flicks. Without speaking the butler backroom casting controlled to shove a card into he palm. bewildered, she opened it and read.

“Well done Bee, I knew you would arrive. I know how mighty you liked our last encounter and can promise even greater things if you give y..
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